Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The makings of a life long friendship.

I never could have guessed the joy that comes from watching my boys become friends. 

I marvel at the way they love and help--and fight--each other. Already.

There has yet to be a sweeter thing to take in as a parent.

I am blessed!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

A peek into the action:

My brother Josh took these pictures of me--at work on the50nifty project, in my studio.

Very exciting things are developing with the50nifty--from exciting bloggers picking up the story, to potential concerts and exhibits, to shooting the video and creating a website. Secrets for now ;) But stay tuned for updates!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Silas Keeton turns 1

Parks. Party Hats. First taste of cake. Cousins and family. Fireworks. 

It was full day celebrating Silas' birthday--the way it should be. 

Here is a glimpse into our celebration:

We love you sooo much Silas!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

here to there

From Florida, to Indiana, to North Carolina, to Texas and Oregon.

That's where I've been lately.

Not actually, but in my studio among scraps of old papers and postcards and state shapes:

My brother Josh and I are collaborating on the project called The 50 Nifty. The idea is to create an art piece for each state, including facts and "artifacts" specific to the state and my style. Our goal is to launch a kickstarter campaign this fall where prints (among other things) of every state are available for purchase. 

The hope is that people get involved and more art goes up in homes across the US. We love the idea of all types people being able to afford a piece of art that they actually care about and have a connection to. And since everyone has a home state...well, we're hoping there's immediate connection to the art. Using vintage papers and post cards from each state, state birds, facts and flowers--we're aiming for a home-y vibe with a touch of kitsch. And by making the walls we live in more beautiful and expressing where we come from, this project celebrates the idea of "home."

I also like the idea of grouping the state paintings together as most of us call multiple places home. Dan and I will have CA and IL up on our walls :) Ironically, I haven't gotten to those pieces...I must be feeling the pressure to get those paintings just perfect.

Overall, I have loved this project. I hope these pieces are warm and approachable. The subject matter is light hearted and quirky--and I have embraced that! It has freed me to think outside my usual style. Did I mention I am learning a lot? Not just about color and composition---but STATES :)

CA and UT are in the works! Stay tuned as I will keep the updates coming. Soon we'll have website were you will be able to track the progress and learn more about the project. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Nights

Where fire flies meet the beats of summer's fresh tune and the humidity curls your wisps. 

That's where these painting take me. And it's a good place..Paintings by Jason Karolak.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Upon Request

My dear friend Abby has requested two things:

Write a blog post.

And share some recipes.

So here I am.

These recipes are easy and seriously delicious.

Ina Garten's Potato Basil Frittata: I love all things basil in the summer. Especially since I get to go outside and pick my own; I feel just like Ina. Then spinkle a little--ok, a lot--of gruyere. And, voila, you have a winner. So yummy.

And Sugar Donut Muffins. How could they not be good? And, even if they only ate the sparkly part, the kids loved them too.

Best of all was spending time with my sweet friends and their little ones. Life is flying by but isn't it wonderful when you can take a moment to be and laugh with people you love? And eat yummy food, of course.